"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".

Nelson Mandela.

Who We Are:

At the second meeting, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of our graduation, brother Benito applauded us for keeping alive the Lasallian brotherhood after so many years of having graduated. He took the opportunity to propose to us how beautiful it would be if our generation started a long-lasting legacy in accordance with the teachings of San Juan Bautista de la Salle by saying: "help with the education of the poor". This reflection has served as motivation for a group of brothers, that live both inside and outside the country, but who maintain constant communication, to organize and give life to the "Fundación Promoción La Salle 1982.”

During the first session , which was held in the city of Miami on December 29th 2007, it was agreed that the Foundation and its members also had the opportunity to recognize the humanitarian character of a young Lasallian and brother of two of our beloved classmates. It was then decided to rename our Foundation to: “Fundación Promoción La Salle 1982 - Marcelo Alvarez Arguello;" a decision that not only pays tribute to this remarkable young man, but which has allowed us to incorporate other generations of Lasallians into this noble cause.

Financial Support:

Because we are a relatively young organization, the financial support needed to run the Foundation comes mainly from the contributions made by active members, which is collected based upon the needs of the scholarship recipients that we are supporting. We have adopted a mechanism of an annual collection prior to the beginning of the school year, allowing us to meet the initial expenses of students, which we complement with donations that are received throughout the course of the year.
We have managed to establish a work schedule and long term goals under the direction of the Board of Directors, allowing us to proceed efficiently, and which has allowed us to move forward steadily each year in the consolidation of our Foundation. We have obtained positive results reflected in the scholars who graduate every year as a result of this effort, counting with support from the Instituto Politécnico La Salle (IPLS) and the individual effort of our young beneficiaries.


The active members of the Foundation are mostly Colegio La Salle alumni, however, it is also made up of generous friends from the city of León, and other charitable people who support us in this great work. As an effort that seeks to raise awareness about the Foundation’s mission, it is evident that it is worth the contributions to continue developing the Foundation for the benefit of the city’s youth.

Achieved goals:

The Foundation Marcelo Alvarez Arguello, began as a simple dream and now it has become a social project, a reality that, in collaboration with the IPLS de Leon, awards scholarships to lowincome students from Leon and its surrounding municipalities.
Until the end of the school year 2020, the Foundation had awarded 86 scholarships to 56 students totaling over 679,730 Cordobas, supported nine generations of graduates, including 32 graduates in different programs offered by the IPLS. This year, there are six students from VI year who we are sponsoring with financial support, so that they can cover their monthly payments.
These results confirm that we are making progress and that we are fulfilling our objectives. We are convinced that the brother Benito’s idea is possible, that by working together with all of those who join this cause, we are helping to develop young people for the future. That will be our legacy, Lasallian friends.

2021 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Alcides Josué Meléndez Areas (VI year Automotive Mechanic Technician)
  • Ángel Ariel Vega Mercado (VI year Automotive Mechanic Technician)
  • Heydi Rashell Quiñonez Morán (VI year Industrial Electrical Technician)
  • Léster Francisco Silva Galeano (VI year Industrial Mechanic Technician)
  • Mario Norberto Salazar Hernández (VI year Automotive Mechanic Technician
  • Orlando René Cisneros García (VI year Industrial Electronics Technician)